Zier Law Offices LLC assists many types of business organizations from start-ups to substantial corporations. Legal guidance for setting up your business involves a number of steps, all of which are important and should not be overlooked. Rick Zier wants you to have all the information you need to select the best form of business structure for your endeavor.



  • No liability for non-active stockholders
  • Ownership can be easily transferred
  • Separate entity from stockholders
  • Can have owner interest in any other business entity
  • Raising capital can be achieved by issuing stock
  • No restrictions on ownership


  • Double taxation of profits
  • Can be complicated to create and maintain
  • Requires a separate tax return
  • Regular reporting is required
The above paragraphs contain general information regarding advantages and disadvantages of different business structures. They are intended only to give you a broad idea of the categorical differences between and among those structures.  Always speak with a well-qualified business attorney and your accountant before making specific decisions about your personal affairs.