Rick Zier – 970.482.2255


Mr. Zier represented the People of the State of Colorado in scores of trials involving dependent and neglected children early in his career. During the three decades since then, he has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in civil trials involving business matters, zoning and covenant issues, boundary disputes and other real estate problems, construction defects, contract defaults, and many other subjects. He has been a member both of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (principally plaintiffs’ lawyers) and the Defense Research Institute (primarily defense and insurance lawyers). He is comfortable before judges or juries, and has appeared in:

  • District Courts of numerous Colorado judicial districts
  • County Courts of numerous Colorado judicial districts
  • United States District Court
  • United States Bankruptcy Court


The result of a judicial or quasi-judicial evidentiary hearing is not always considered appropriate or satisfactory, and so resort is made to appeal. Mr. Zier has prosecuted and defended a large number of appeals. Appellate practice and procedure are different from trial practice and procedure, as good brief-writing and effective oral argument are the keys to success on appeal. Mr. Zier prepares cogent, persuasive briefs, and his oral arguments are characterized by careful preparation, adherence to the relevant issues, and clear illumination of the paths decision-makers should take. He has taken appeals to:

  • District Court in appeals from County Court
  • The Colorado Court of Appeals
  • The Supreme Court of Colorado
  • The Colorado Board of Assessment Appeals

Sometimes the decision of a local government official performing a discretionary act (such as denying a building permit) or of a local government body in a quasi-judicial hearing (such as disallowing a rezoning) is incorrect, unauthorized, or arrived at illegally. Before such a matter may be taken to court, it must usually first be appealed to a higher local board, where on occasion the problem is resolved and the case goes no further. Mr. Zier routinely handles appeals of this nature involving such things as:

  • Building permits
  • Zoning changes and variances
  • Subdivisions and other divisions of land
  • Property valuations
  • Historic preservation / landmark designations