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Probate  (Estate Administration)

Probate is the process occurring after your death that ensures your wishes for the distribution of your assets as contained in your will are fully carried out and that any creditors or taxes you might owe are duly paid beforehand. It provides the protection of a court to make certain that everything is concluded properly in your absence.

Mr. Zier and his support staff have broad experience probating wills. They have sheparded heirs through the process both with formal judicial involvement and with informal court supervision. Fees are based solely on time spent on the work and not on a percentage of the estates, as occurred in times past. Probate services include reviewing wills of decedents, meeting with heirs to explain and discuss the process, lodging wills with the probate court, opening estates in court, and working with personal representatives to handle the estate, pay any taxes and debts, and distribute net assets in accordance with will directives. As these things occur, the office will:

  • Collect, inventory, and value estate assets
  • Provide notices to heirs
  • Publish notice to creditors
  • Assist with any payments that may be due and with distributions
  • Close the estate in court